VIDEO: young people fighting for a sustainable future


Climate change is killing the oceans. What’s the solution? The clean energy transition. The Race for Water vessel is on an odyssey of hope, to show that this transition is possible. But what are young people saying about it?

Oceans cover 70% of the Earth’s surface and are home to 95% of the life on our planet. Preserving the oceans is a must, because they silently regulate our climate. There are a variety of arguments in play, and we have to act now—not only to preserve the oceans, but to preserve our future.

When it comes to this mission, the Race for Water Foundation believes that young people must play a crucial role: they are the decision-makers of tomorrow. They must understand what global warming is, but they must also believe in a solution: the transition to clean energy. We recently spoke with three students at Le Rosey, a world-renowned international school in Switzerland that has been educating students for more than a century. How do these 18 year-olds envision our world in the future, and what are their thoughts on preserving our oceans?


The Race for Water is the Foundation’s proof that a world free of fossil fuels is possible—the vessel will circle the globe, powered only by renewable energy sources that work seamlessly together, and that are backed by multiple electricity-storage systems. Does that sound like Greek to you? Once you’re on board, it’s crystal-clear! During Race for Water’s Odyssey of Hope, young people worldwide will have the opportunity to board the Race for Water and learn about this “energy mix,”—they’ll see the vessel in action, and thus understand what the energy transition truly means.