A jaunt by kite!

Together with the ongoing succession of meetings with officials, aboard Race for Water, as on every stopover, there is also a string of classes. In this way, 150 Rapa Nui youngsters have been able to visit the vessel, which is an ambassador for energy transition: “An unforgettable experience!” beams a young man, as he steps off the boat.

Making the most of the downwind conditions, the crew took the catamaran out to sea towed by a new kite in the colours of our title partner BREGUET for the 2017/2021 odyssey.

Franck David, director of the odyssey: “We sailed between Anakena on the north coast, and Hanga Roa, via the legendary site of Tongariki where fifteen unique Moaï are exhibited… It was a magnificent moment for us, as well as for those who were accompanying us. It’s important to be able to show how our vessel operates in situ. It’s essential to demonstrate that sailing with clean energies is possible and that energy transition is a reality.”

There are still a few meetings on the programme for Easter Island before the vessel sets a course for French Polynesia on Monday. Among these is an artistic encounter between Marc Aymon, Swiss singer and ambassador of the Foundation, who is present at this stopover, and a local group. For some days, rehearsals have been in full swing and there is the promise of a wonderful collaboration, filled with emotion and sharing… Watch this space!