When you’re told there’s an emergency…


Second in command in rotation with Anne-Laure, I’m in Paris at the moment. I should be above the Atlantic, heading for Guadeloupe. The flight is postponed of course to give Maria a chance to roll through leaving a trail of destructive madness in her wake. It leaves me the time to think about our planet and our mission.

Three destructive hurricanes: Harvey, Irma and now Maria, and the season’s not over yet… This year has been particularly rife with hurricane activity on the Atlantic seaboard and a storm is also taking shape on the Pacific coast towards Mexico. The hurricanes in question have again managed to set the records tumbling in terms of wind strength, stirred-up seas and rain with the obvious consequences and the damage inflicted.

And this sad crop of records is the same right around the planet, with dangerous weather phenomena increasing in frequency and in strength globally and in worrying fashion. How is it possible that some still doubt that climate change exists?

Our planet is so beautiful, it seems so obvious to me that we need to protect it, that we need to take action… Obviously, you have to question what one little person, a little human being, can do against 3 hurricanes, against the climatic imbalance.

It’s easy to let yourself get overwhelmed, let it get on top of you. That’s not how I see it though. I want to fight, I want to participate, I want to do my bit. I don’t know what state Guadeloupe will be in on our arrival, but I’m sure we’ll be able to take action. Assisting the locals all we can if need be and presenting our mission of course.

We’re spreading our message of hope, sharing the energy transition solutions, which we’re trialling day after day on the boat. Indeed, these renewable energies are enabling us to make headway calmly but surely, which enables us to move the Race For Water platform around for hosting guests and exchanging with them.

We’re showing that it’s possible, that we have to believe in it, that solutions exist, and of course, as if we needed a reminder, that there’s an emergency… I hope that Guadeloupe will be in a state to listen to our message, and if this isn’t case, I hope that those who are not affected by these climatic disasters will.