Making landfall on Panamanian soil!


We arrived in Panama 4 days ago and we had a one-night stopover in Colon harbour to go through formalities. Indeed, to negotiate our way through the Panama Canal, the vessel must have her tonnage measured and a professional canal pilot comes aboard to look over the vessel.

The Race for Water vessel in Colon harbour in Panama to go through the formalities required to negotiate the canal


On the evening of 9 February, once the formalities were complete, we relocated the boat to the harbour of Colon, which was some 20 nautical miles away and better protected from the wind. In Portobelo the sea is calm, we’re nicely sheltered and we’re going to spend the last remaining days here before the transit. On the jobs list are washing the salt off the vessel and giving her a good scrub down before our departure for the canal and our arrival in Panama City!

However, following the maintenance work on the vessel, yesterday evening we set foot on land for the first time in a fortnight! It’s always nice arriving in new destinations via the sea. Given how extraordinary the boat is, she soon gets noticed and photographed by all the little boats passing by.

Added to that, our arrival here falls at a rather opportune time of year. It’s carnival time right now! All around us, the locals are in fancy dress, good humour reigns and there’s a festive atmosphere in Portobelo, with the streets punctuated by music, decorated carnival floats and bright colours… A warm, festive welcome then and what better way to make our first contact with the local Panamanians!