This Wednesday 6 June, Race for Water is entering the northern limit of Coquimbo Bay, a bay dotted with numerous islands of all manner of sizes. 

Jean-Marc Normant: “The majority of them are fairly high and protected to the West by steep and rather unappealing cliffs. From Race for Water we can see them whiten in the foam. There’s not that much breeze, around 20 knots, but a good swell.
Result: our ‘wave-piercing’ floats on which our pod sits have transformed into submarines.
The seaweed is beginning to colonise virtually the whole deck to port and starboard!!! It’s impossible to do a clean-up at sea so we’ll wait until we’re in the shelter of the port of Valparaiso.”

The catamaran and her crew are set to reach their destination over the course of the day on Saturday 9 June.