All hands on deck to preserve our oceans! 


Race for Water’s Bermuda stopover continues, and the Race for Water Foundation has spearheaded a variety of actions aimed at preserving our oceans. Between meetings, beach clean-ups and sailing Race for Water, the crew is even more dedicated to their mission–and the land-based teams are more motivated than ever!

June 8 was the first World Oceans Day—a celebration held alongside the United Nations Ocean Conference, June 5-9 in New York. To honor this incredible initiative, the entire Race for Water Foundation—in Switzerland, in France and in Bermuda—came together to celebrate and take action.


The entire Race for Water Foundation came together to celebrate World Oceans Day 


Big thanks to everyone who joined in, to accompany Race for Water on this mission to preserve our oceans. We were joined on board the yacht by:

  • A representative from Bermuda’s Ministry of Environment: Drew Petit, Acting Director of Parks
  • The Consul of France, Nicole Hariza
  • Two staff members from the US Consulate: Linda L. Rosalik and Camille Haley
  • Local NGOs: Anne, from Keep Bermuda Beautiful,  Ken Vickers, from Ocean Support Foundation,  Alicia Wanklyn, from Greenrock and  Alan Burland, from the  Sloop Foundation – all really engaged in ocean conservancy.

Race for Water: a place to have conversations, share ideas, and raise awareness 



In addition to being a platform for dialogue, Race for Water’s odyssey of hope is also about taking action. On June 6, the teams organized a beach clean-up at Church Bay, one of Bermuda’s most beautiful beaches. Camille Rollin, a specialist with the Race for Water Foundation’s Plastic Waste-to-Energy project, commented, “We collected an unbelievable amount of plastics in less than an hour. The worst thing was the density of plastic microparticles on this very small beach—even though locals clean the beach on a regular basis. That’s terrifying, and it’s proof of the sheer volume of plastics that are in the ocean today.”

A beach clean-up for World Environment Day