Planned to take place over 5 years, the Odyssey will journey to diverse areas of interest, with the goal of advancing scientific research on the ocean’s delicate ecological balance. Three major zones of scientific relevance were selected, and combined with international events for stop overs.

The Race for Water stop overs will be occasions to gather scientists and decision-makers, to bring forth debates, promote exchanges and sharing on the need to preserve our most precious ressource – the ocean.


First Stop Over: Bermuda


Dates:  May – June 2017

Place: Bermuda

Ocean zone: Atlantic Ocean – Sargasso Sea

Scientific Program : EPHEMARE and WEATHER-MIC (Link to the relevant blog pages)

Event: America’s Cup




The America’s Cup is one of the oldest sports competitions still held today and will celebrate its 35th edition in Bermuda this June 2017. Since its inception in 1887 around the Isle of Wight, the rules of this nautical duel have remained substantially the same. The Defender and title-holder, has his title at stake in each edition. It organizes the regattas and edits the rules of the game. A sporting competition coupled with a strong technological challenge, the America’s Cup is the theater of impressive advances in sailing technologies.

More information:

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Bermuda is a British overseas territory. The main island, called Grande Bermuda, is actively involved in waste recycling, making available to its inhabitants numerous waste collection areas. Glass is recycled on the island but other types of waste are either incinerated or sent by cargo or aircraft to the United States where they are managed. In 2012, Bermuda generated about 82,000 tonnes of waste and only 2% of that was recycled on the island.



The association “Recycle Bermuda” promotes waste treatment and recycling on the island.