Approaching Robinson Crusoe Island

Race for Water is approaching the Juan Fernández archipelago and Robinson Crusoe Island, which it is set to reach over the course of today.

Anne le Chantoux, sailor aboard the boat: “Over the past two days, we’ve had an average breeze of 25 to 30 knots, with fairly rough seas.

Conditions were too dangerous to launch the Manta net but Diego, the Chilean scientist who is accompanying us as far as Easter Island, has still managed to carry out his observation of the birdlife. He spends about 8hrs on the bridge closely monitoring the ocean in search of marine birds.

The sea is gradually becoming calmer. Our average speed during this delivery will have still equated to 5 knots though, which is very pleasant compared with the 2 knots between Lima and Valparaiso. 🙂

At sunset today, we were accompanied by whales. They were right alongside us for fifteen minutes or so, swimming close to Race for Water… a beautiful sight!”