Rallying Papeete.

Following a ten-day stopover among the Rapa Nui people, Race for Water has weighed anchor and is now making towards French Polynesia, where she is due to make landfall in the first week of October.

Pascal Morizot, captain of Race for Water: “During this month at sea, the crew is playing host to two choice guests, the two founders of the  “Rapa Nui for Water” committee, whose creation was formalised last Saturday with Marco Simeoni, president of the Foundation. 
Pathy Hucke Hucke, Franco-Rapa Nui, is in charge of the Rapa Nui Magic Visual, an audiovisual production company for promoting Easter Island. Petero Hucke Atan has previously filled the post of teacher on Easter Island. A genuine connoisseur of the ancestral culture of Rapa Nui and Polynesia, he is also an artist, sculptor and engraver, and he has brought along some material to make a few creations during the voyage.”

All the Race for Water Foundation teams would like to offer their heartfelt thanks to the Rapa Nui population for its welcome. The two-year bond and the continuous work during that time between the various entities have enabled some important agreements to be put in place in terms of energy for the future of the island.

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